Signs that help save lives..........
Can 911 Find Your Home When Every Second Counts?

After years of testing, Address America perfected the art of making the greatest address signs in the world. New designs were born over the years that give homeowners more choices. Beautiful, durable, and made using state of the art technology: Address America signs are extremely visible day and night, rain, snow, or shine:

A large variety of signs are now available so that every architectural style can be complemented
They can be installed on your yard, mailbox, home, or business
We pride ourselves on the highest workmanship while keeping prices astonishingly low
Due to the use of powder coated steel, coated aluminum and polypropylene, our signs last for years
We use super reflective materials now being used by the highway department on Interstate systems

Your sign is custom made with your address number installed. Simple to install in minutes. Order direct now.
How would you feel if you called for emergency medical help late in the night and it never arrived? How about finding out that the EMT’s had difficulty finding your home because they could not find your address?

These scenarios occur daily all over the country. Many people die unnecessarily daily because homes cannot be found quickly and easily. Emergency personnel do an outstanding job and have the best equipment in the world. The weak link in the 911 program is the fact that individual homeowners do not have their homes addressed whereby they can be found quickly in an emergency both day and night. ...."Can emergency responders see your house number from the street?

"The next time you are returning to your home at night, pretend that you are a policeman or firefighter trying to find your house. Can you easily see your house number from the street? If not you have some work to do. Mark your house number in large, reflective numbers that can easily be seen from the street...." Northwest Regional 911 Allegheny County

Address America has been making "Super Reflective Address Signs" since 1992. They are highly visible both day and night. They show up like a beacon in the night when headlights shine on them down the street. Order now...simply click the link above "Address Signs Ready to Install".